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Chief Ironhat makes his mark as GM!


Hash House Harriers Zagreb

Est. January 2nd 1975 by Paul Redmond and Peter Armstrong


Report on ZH3 Run #1464 - 12th December 2003

Location: Dolje ZAGREB

Hare: Chief Ironhat

Description: long enough and tough, hard climbing, tricky as always thanks to GM Ironhat in origin and congratulations to him to satisfy all different tastes spoiled over the years.


Again an original ZHHH entirely democratic pre hash circle having post election syndrome due to enormous amount of misunderstanding and misconfidence among senior participants, performed bullshiting party of the year. Excellent example how you must not behave. Here here ?


Some people take no mental exercise apart into jumping into conclusions. We do not see things they are. We see them as we are. One very important statement was brought out: Sailing is not running ! We have to agree. When you sail you can not run and vice versa.


We have to apologize to our dearest and our only RA for serious offence during his unpresence. Religious Adviser - Bummer McAgram without yours unfaultable authority  and special care we can not handle any serious conference or meeting as constructive. Pink is a navy blue of India : Diana Vreeland said once. So we now understand your origin.


Next run:        1465 December 19, at 2.00 pm From Suhina gostiona across Sava river under Podsused bridge. After the run around 4.00 pm  there is a special Zagreb HHH family Christmas party program so please bring your family with you. With cramp cake, cottage cheese & crème, sausages.

                        Singing and bullshiting is expected.


EDITOR: You send the Run Reports in good time and I will post them!

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