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I like my virgins wet.
They were virgin hares and they don't come any wetter. Dancing Queen had a blister which was a lame excuse, but was forgiven because he provided the beer check complete with appropriate ABBA music.

They set a good trail even though Fair Butt got lost a couple of times. Did I mention it was raining, and that dancing around puddles only lasted for the first mile.
The pack kept mostly together except for Bullshit who, as always, runs his own trail. He was decorating the hare's place and to quote the hare "He still has to fill my crack at the front!" perhaps explaining his rare appearance.

Bushsquatter fell over in the mud, nothing new there, but Fair Butt laughed and paid the price when two muddy paws graced her face.
The RA missed this misdemeanour but did cite the 'squatter with kidnapping the hare in an earlier incident.

The pack was in agreement in liking the trail despite the rain, and as they retired to the pub the sun came out.

Here are a very few snaps