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Do we drink to run, or run to drink (do we care)?

'Hashing' is when a group of runners (the pack) follows the trail laid by a runner (the hare). This trail includes markings to delay the front runners and allow the slower ones to catch up. An ideal hash run would be where the slower runners come in first! So perhaps you can see that hashing is not about racing - in fact racing is punished!

So where did Hashing start? It was a bunch of British colonial officers stationed in Kuala Lumpar in 1938 who first thought of the idea. It was designed to reduce their waistlines from the effects of too much beer, but after the runs they always seemed to be thirsty....

Why is it called 'Hashing'? Well the officer quarters had a canteen there that produced unexciting food and it was nicknamed - 'The Hash House'! (In the UK a meal made up from leftovers is called a 'hash' sometimes.)

Now there are about 2500 Hash House Harrier packs around the world - even in Antartica!

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In past years Zagreb H3 has organised a trip to Novi Vindoloski for a weekend of hashing. Over the years this early summer event has attracted other hash groups from such diverse cities as Milan, Vienna, Prague, etc.

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Over 25 years of hashing experience in Croatia