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DH3 Cruise Update

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The latest news from the Captain's table...

10Sep06: Nobody said the wheels turn round fast in Croatia, but I must admit even I am surprised at how long it is taking to get the boat details. All I can tell you at this stage is that the 4th Dalmatain Hash Cruise will be in week 1 or week2 of June 2007. So start saving and planning to join this unique way to hash!

Meanwhile, some news from HHH HQ:

For those of you traveling to Interhash next month, do your research and
make sure you cast an informed vote for 2008.  The 6 bids are listed below. Bali - 2008 Bid Kenya - 2008 Bid Kuala Lumpur - 2008 Bid Penang - 2008 Bid Perth - 2008 Bid Singapore - 2008 Bid


DH3 Fact: The Inaugural Run of the Dalmatian Hash (the cradle of the Spoted Dog) was held on Friday 20th June 2003


You would be excited if you had a berth on DH3 Hash Cruise 2005!

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