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Zagreb & Dalmatian H3 moved to https://sites.google.com/site/dalmatianhash/

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Notable Hash events:
1. Founded in 1975 and one of the oldest in Europe
2. First Hash behind the 'Iron Curtain' (inside the Communist Bloc)
3. In 1999, during torrential rain, held first Hash Circle INSIDE a VW Beetle, where 6 hashers consumed a large crate of the local beer!
4. In March 2002, managed EIGHTEEN Hash Circles after Cor Blimey & Kingfisher's run (one was only water as ran out of beer)!! (The hangover s lasted even longer...)
5. Hosts the Hash World's first proper Hash Cruise, using 3 boats to carry 88 hashers to 8 trails on 7 islands on the 1st Dalmatian Hash Cruise (2002).  

Where hashing first started in 1938

Home of the world's first proper Hash Cruise!