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In 2002 we cruised the beautiful Dalmatian coast for 7 days, exploring a different island each day and running a hash trail. We liked it so much we did it again 21-28 June 2003 and in 2005...


MS Gusar ('Pirate') at sea

Saturday 14th September until Saturday 21st September 2005 are the official Cruise dates, but why not travel out a day earlier? Experience the delights of Split, an ancient walled city controlled by the Venetians. On Friday 13th September we will have a pre-Cruise bar crawl by the Dalmatian Hash!
Saturday arrival, followed by a run around the port of Split, and registration before going on-board to pre-assigned cabins. Then it is anchors away (last boat by about 1300 hours)!

Sunday to Friday sailing to 6 glorious islands and 6 more great runs! Some of the details are secret but we promise you will not be disappointed! Each day will involve only a short daily sail to another beautiful Croatian island, a chance to explore or hit the beach, and a run on each island! After each run there will be the traditional Hash Circle and beer. We return to Split at about 0900 on the following Saturday.
All payments are in Euros, and the price varies with the cabin type from 560 to 660 euros. That covers all food on board, wine with meals and beer, goody bag and a hash week so good that many from previous years are coming again! Are you a regular Hasher and interested? Get in touch quickly as there may still be spaces!

The 3rd Dalmatian Hash Cruise was very much on - 17th-24th September 2005, so roll-on the 4th Cruise in June 2007. So check elsewhere on the website for updates!
Kingfisher. Dalmatain Hash House Harriers

Partying on the hash boat Gusar

Awaiting details for the Hash Cruise 2007..... See details on this web page and the Cruise Update web page. If you want to talk about general queries contact us via the e-mail options below

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Click here for Croatian Tourist Board info

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MisManagement checking the local beer

Heineken: Hash Cruise sponsors 2004

The Nitty Gritty details:

BOATS: Each of the boats has twin cabin accomodation, with between 24 to 39 passengers. They are similar to those shown on the website, and both boats have sails and engines.

NON-HASHERS: Bring along your non-hasher - perhaps we will try to convert them! There will be lots of opportunities to sunbathe, swim, or explore the islands, and we hope to offer other possibilities too... What we do ask is that Non-hashers are always accompanied by a Hasher, and that they understand what a hash event involves - drinking/ not quiet/ partying/ little privacy/ bare essentials!

WHAT'S INCLUDED?: All meals once you step on board (we will try to cater for veggies if you tell us in good time), beer on board and in the Hash Circles, a great goody bag at registration time, great trails, at least one tour/ wine-tasting and the usual FANTASTIC WEATHER!!!!

IS THERE A MAX NUMBER OF CRUISERS?: We have set a new limit of 75 passengers, and we still have a few places left. So you should not delay too long in deciding to join us on this unique Hashadventure!

HOW CAN REGISTER: Just send a short message via the link on right, making sure to say 'REGISTER' in the subject line! We will then ask you to complete a Registration Form and you advise us how you will pay - it's that simple!!
CAN I CONTACT IF I HAVE A QUERY: Yes, just send a short message via the link on right, making sure to say 'QUERY' in the subject line and we will reply as soon as we can!
IS THERE SOMEWHERE FOR MORE DETAILS ON CROATIA: Yes, see the link on this page to the Croatian Tourist Board's web page (we are pleased they are one of our sponsors)

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?: Come on, you should know better than to expect that from a hasher! Suffice to say that the 3 mismanaging this mega-event are Antibiotics (Zagreb HHH's organiser of the supremely successful Novi Vindoloski events), and Cor Blimey & Kingfisher (both with a wealth of hashing experience all over the world).

THE PRICE: This is now determined by the accommodation and will be either 560 Euros or 660 Euros (with a discount offered for full payment).