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Run 1341: another report


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Zagreb Hash House Harriers

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Report of the run No. 1341

This was a usual run, although it was not ment for me too say how it was, although I know where it was, and the time it was, and I even said that I'll com to, and sorry for that one, and lets get to it...

How on earth did you'll even thought of electing my dadi'o for Religius-Advisor; is it yust one of Zokis blody pranks or what? (sorry kizo) Where do yo'll think this will lead? Will we survive? How will we be?

Well I'm elected to say unto you'll that this was a werry good deed, indeed and this will bring much sun and the rain for hassing abilities and you shall not be happy on the run again but bloddy happy mind you. If your thinking what is this report about? You beter know that it's for good ressons mind you, and alsow in good hash spirit BRAVO MAJSTORI (in atian: GO HANDICRAFTSMEN) peace and ONON


ON next run: No1342 ON 20.10.2001. at estinski Lagvi at you know when;

by Shit Rider