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Cruise Registration Form
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Copy the text below to this mail link, and then add your details before sending!

Registration form for Zagreb's Hash Cruise on June 2002

Your Hash Chapter:

Your Hash Name:

Your First Name:

Your Family Name:

Your E-Mail:

Joining: Friday in Zagreb or Saturday in Split?

Who will you share twin-berth cabin with: No idea / It will be... (enter their name)


T-Shirt Size: M / L / XL / XXL

Drink of choice: Beer / Wine / Softies

Vegetarian: Yes / No

Any other special dietary stuff you should worry about: YES / NO (If 'YES' then please give details)

When it comes to the paying into the bank account please remember that any bank charges are down to you - not poor Zagreb HHH! (If we get them as a result of your transfer we reserve the right to pass these back to you!)
The bank's details are: ABN-AMRO Bank, Sassenheim, The Netherlands, Swiftcode: ABNANL2A (note NETHERLANDS despite sounding like Germany!). *** Mailshot #2 contains the account name and account number ***
NOTE 3: To send these registration details back to do the following:
a) Highlight all of this important data
b) Press at the same time 'Ctrl' and 'C' keys to copy
c) Open up new e-mail to send this to us
d) In the e-mail use 'Ctrl' and 'V' keys to paste the data in
e) Add in the requested details and send!

Please add any comments or questions you have below:

Any questions?

I declare that my participation on the Hash Cruise organised by the Zagreb Hash House Harriers is entirely at my own risk and responsibility and I will not hold anyone liable for any loss, damage or injury which I may sustain.

(name here)
Last Modified 22FEB2002

Will our new GM wear jackboots and blackboots to the next hash?