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2nd Dalmatian Hash Cruise 21-28 June 2003

The Croatian National Tourist Board sponsored Hash Cruise 2002

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So its finally over Cruisers!! We started planning during the 1st Dalmatian Hash Cruise in June 2002, and suddenly it seems we have sailed and are back home again! Judging from the fantastic e-mails that flooded in you enjoyed it, for which we are grateful. Although we may be operating upon half a mind, we are not masochistic, so keep telling us you enjoy these events if you do. If you ever tell us you no longer like them, we will not bother anymore! We know there is still room for improvement, and some of you have told us your ideas, but we do know the concept is sound.

PRELIM: Despite it being the Wednesday before the Cruise, Angel Tits rang me from Croatia asking if she could come. Who was I to refuse someone with a hash name like Angel Tits? At the same time Succulent was e-mailing if he could bring along a Tanja from Riga to share his cabin. As cancellations meant we had room - no problem! My daughter & I then made our tortuous journey to Split, meeting up with Stormin, Rowed Runner, Multiple Entry, Minuteman, Breaks Wind, Sheila, Icebox & Wendy in Bratislava. By late-evening we were at the Villa Tina in Trogir, with the Founders reunited, to start last-minute planning and viewing of the boats.

INAUGUARAL RUN OF DALMATIAN H3: On Friday 20th June 2003 there was hashing history in Arbanija, a small village on the Island Ciovo in front of Trogir. There we had our first run of Dalmatian Hash House Harriers, which has emerged from Zagreb Hash and the Hash Cruise. Antibiotics delighted Blimey and myself by presenting us with a founders waistcoat, that has so many pockets it is ideal for shoplifting (I imagine)! According to my records, 34 attended and those names are listed on the new website, as well as owning a special T-shirt. The hares set an A -> B run into Trogir itself along the ridge tops. Sadly only 2 found the real trail from one check and most resorted to using the coastal road to the On-After. Whatever, the snacks and beer at a bar by the quayside preceded a lively Hash Circle, and the drinking seemed to carry on late into the night.

SATURDAY 21st: I awoke with a growing feeling of apprehension, not helped by hearing that Hashers were already queuing to get on board the boats at 07:30!! In the rush to pack and settle my bill I managed to leave my Credit Card at the Villa Tina (for which I got the deserved Down-down) but we were pleased to see the bus DID turn up! No the problem turned out to be the non-appearance of the MS Trvdi until midday! Given this was the one vessel I had no floor plan for (or much details) it made Registration particularly difficult. (This was not helped when we found a couple were occupying a sponsors cabin and refusing to move.)

Finally though all three boats, the Trvdi, Ika and Gusar cast off and left the Marina at Split. As we were 3 hours behind schedule the decision was made to travel to Milna, on the island of Brac. Once there, we got hares ashore quickly to lay the trail, and at 17:30 the first run of the 2nd Dalmatian Hash Cruise was underway! Oslo Hash & Kingfisher set a fast paced trail, but the hares were surprised to find some SCBs racing us back to the boats! After a good run we had a Circle that set the mood for the Cruise noisy but fun! Whilst Blimey presided as GM, for some reason Antibiotics was happy to watch his fellow RA (Kingfisher) make a fool of himself in the Circle

SUNDAY 22nd: Now I know why I should have gone to bed earlier, my mind still seems pickled. The boats seem fit enough though, as they sailed early, too early for me, so after breakfast I hit the pillow again! After a few hours cruising, and a welcome swimming stop, we reached Korcula Town, on the island of the same name. Full of tiny alleyways, steps, and battlements.

Hares of the Day were from Royal Milan and Rome hashes, and they led both walkers and runners through the town to a Marco Polo Stop, before leading us all on a winding trail, ever upwards, until we reached the observation tower/ Beer Stop. Then it was a fast downhill run back to the boats and a fun Hash Circle run by the Mafia. Full credit to World Wanker and Belly Button for keeping the beer flowing with so many Down-downs!

MONDAY 23rd: By now the boats have developed characters the Trvdi contains the old farts apparently (who are quite happy to quietly drink there way through a large amount of Heineken and the secret Guiness supply), the Ika by chance has all the Songmeisters on board, and the Gusar is a lively as ever, despite being the stately queen of the Adriatic!

We were only slipping around the corner on Korcula Island to the port of Vela Luka, so it was a relaxed trip for all. Still it must have been pretty hot because Blimey did a good dance step or two when he jumped onto the quayside to tie us up! There to greet us all was Chief Ironhat, who not only joined us (leaving his wife recuperating from an operation0 but laid the trail as well!! As the trail swept around the quayside and upwards via stone walls and prickly bushes to a comms tower on the highest point I wondered who else would be in hospital soon. It got even worse when we ran on to the wine stop at caves used since 2600BC to find no water left! The resulting Hash Circle duly recognised many before Dinner was called.

TUESDAY 24th: The flotilla set off early, with the Gusar slipping out first, as we headed for the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island. We found ourselves cruising up and down outside a narrow gap in the cliff, along with tourist boats and yachts, as two boatman took their launches inside. All who took up our offer agreed the inside was a real revelation fantastic! From there we carried on the short distance to Komiza, where we Organisers left Frankfurt Hash to organise the trail, whilst we negotiated the next days wine stop and planned its trail.

The run started late in the really hot conditions, and led us around the town in a clockwise manner, including a welcome wine stop where the Frogs Song was sung. Then it was back through the town and yachts to the boats. The Hash Circle will probably be remembered mostly for 2 events - the appearance of the Trvdis Mate, dressed as Bin Ladin and Blimey gathering up all the swimmers trainers to pour beer into!!

WEDNESDAY 25th: Another short journey led us to another cave, this time to swim in (if you could avoid the other boats and floating doughnuts. Having said that, at least the doughnuts came in useful when Sinex decided to do his version of the dying swan and be ferried back to the Gusar. As we sped for Vis, rumours abounded of Sinex suffering SARS/ drinking salt water instead of beer/ first male pregnancy/ etc. As with Queenfisher last year, the same clinic decided Sinexs complaint was not as serious as feared, being asthma. Suitably relieved at the news, us Founders gathered up our flour, water and goodies to lay the trail. Three hours should have been ample with 3 hares, but Antibiotics & Kingfisher ended up racing back to our start points to meet you all, whilst Blimey staggered over hilltops trying to find Titos hideaway.

Another very hot day and earlier start meant the runners were knackered by the time they entered the mountain village! There they found the walkers were already sampling the Wine Stops wine, olives, anchovies and bread. The decision to send out Antibiotics 5 minutes ahead of the pack to re-lay the trail was sound. Less sound was the FRBs decision not to wait 5 minutes in chasing. The result was a pack stretched out along the road leading up to Titos lair. When we all finally arrived it was time to distribute the Founders Run T-shirts, which seemed popular and have the Hash Circle in this historical location.

THURSDAY 26th: For once the flotilla separated, with the Gusar going off alone, whilst the Ika & Trvdi travelled together, anchoring at the Pakleni Otoci islands outside Hvar to swim. It was just as well the Ika has company as she developed engine trouble and had to be towed for a while. Then it was On-on into Hvar Town, a real touristy place, with every other boat going in circles awaiting some d*ck to finally the Wilmington, a rich mans gin palace.! Oslo were once more our hash hosts for this run, setting a long run that linked the alleyways of the town with the woods above, leading both walkers and runners to the castle for the Beer Stop. From there we all descended down steps to the main square and the quayside for the Hash Circle, which had to compete with the local music.

Like most others on the Trvdi I then had a long beer session until nearly daybreak, when I had promised to get up and say good-bye to Blimey, who was leaving us early on a diplomatic mission. Farewells were muted as torrential rain suddenly lashed the boats and the Captains rushed to get safely away before the ferry arrived.

FRIDAY 27th: Two hours later I awoke to find, firstly, that we had arrived at the lovely village of Stomorska on Solta Island and, secondly, the whole of my midriff was soaking wet. Luckily it was not a weak bladder, but rather rain had dripped onto the bunk from above! It was great to return to hash for the last day on the lovely island of Solta (just as we did on the 1st Dalmatian Cruise). As the run was to be in the midday sun and kept short, the hares from Margalla Hills H3 worked hard to maximise the FRBs confusion but keep the pack together. The trail eventually led up a steep goat track to the beer stop overlooking the beautiful village, harbour and beach below. Then it was back down for what was always going to be a long Hash Circle, as the last namings were made, songs sung, and the Founders said their bit to close the event.

After the Hash Circle it was lunch and farewell to the island of Solta as we headed back to Split, arriving there in the late afternoon. We tied up in the same marina, the Lucica i marina SD (Sportsko drustvo /sport club/) "Split", near the Hajduk Stadium.  Some decided to eat ashore, some decided to eat and explore later, and some decided to eat and drink on board. A rock band nearby entertained those remaining until the wee small hours as they tried (and failed) to polish off the last 500 litres of beer.

SATURDAY 28th: Although some had rushed off last night, the vast majority were still there the following morning to say goodbye to their shipmates and fellow hashers. The beer distributors, under the direction of Little Big Man, gathered up all the empties and full ones, and Antibiotics and I paid up for all your drinking. We also settled the various bills with the owners of the boats (that reminds me, who on the Gusar ordered the special massage?).

You can view this report also via: http://xjh3.tripod.com/Zagreb_Hash/id17.html
 where there is a link to a website holding all the pictures I took on the Cruise!

THE SPONSORS: Thanks again to those lovely people at Heiniken for their donated beer; to Little Big Mans distribution company, Nipa, for their donated kegs; Interdean for their 120 plastic bags; Nokia for the bottle-openers & inflatable doughnuts; Olympus for the pens; TNT for their keyrings; ABB (the global engineering company) for their shirt sponsorship; and the Croatian Tourist Board for their goodies!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Chief Ironhat, World Wanker and Belly Button from Zagreb Hash for their help, both before and during the Cruise, for which we were really grateful; and Antibiotics for his dedication to this Cruise in particular, and hashing in general - a really big thank-you from Blimey and myself to someone who is definetly not a 'fair-weather hasher'!

STATISTICS: 131 said they would come and 96 made it

22 Hashes were represented, in 17 different countries, with the farthest travelling from Pakistan or Canada

1500 litres of Heineken and Guiness were ordered, but only 1100 litres drunk

7 persons were named Jason Waasdrop, creator of our logo, became Spoted Dog; John Heitz (Frankfurt H3) became Miss Purity; Marie O-Neil became The Gash; Rien Lunshof became Flipper; Baby Anton became Trialwalker; and Probiotics & Antibiotics had their offspring (not yet born) named Bacteria!

1 stormy half-day, but 6 others were sunny with temperatures usually 35-39C.

1 new hash was created! Long live the Dalmatian
                  Hash House Harriers - cradle of the Spoted Dog!! 

An updated list of attendees will be posted on the website when time permits.

FINALLY: This came in from Antibiotics and I knew you would all like to know Andrea and I set the date. We'll get married at 18th of July 2003 in Vis. Usually you should book wedding time 45 days before the date, but I succeeded to set it yesterday on the phone. The lady even moved her travelling day from 18th to 19th so she could marry us. Very nice of her. I don't expect you will come back to Vis but I wanted to inform you.

On-On!        Kingfisher

1 Bryan Fisher Kingfisher
2 Charlie Fisher The Web
3 Cor Schouten Cor Blimey
4 Larissa Waasdrop No Name
5 Jason Waasdrop No Name
6 Samuel Sakoman Antibiotics
7 Andrea Jambrosic Probiotics
8 Wolfgang Gust The Wolf
9 Sharon Blane Green Goddess
10 Klaus Hammer Brazil Nut
11 Martina Hammer Nutcracker
12 Jan Janda NO NAME
13 Peter Janda One Track Mind
14 Ron Strachan The Penguin
15 Dragan Yukadinovic Dragorian
16 Mike Ehinger Minuteman
17 Norman Randall Stormin' Norman
18 Adriana Randall Rowed Runner
19 Michela Ruggeri Diving Belle
20 Manfred Hohmann Father Abraham
21 Karin Hohmann Hellcat
22 Dario Quintavalle Succulent
23 Eero Toivakka Beastiality
24 Claudia Boettger Weenie Bikini
25 Axel Hahn Niceboy
26 Don Gautier Multiple Entry
27 Zeljka Pupak Belly Button
28 Peter Cunningham C-Lingus
29 Ron Willis Free Willie
30 Mats Larsson Shrimp Spew
31 Liselotte Wanhov Total Wanker
32 Anton No Name
33 Sari Lappalainen Finnish Fly
34 Roy Southern World Wanker
35 Kathy McLain Rubber Woman
36 Allen Hughes Halfast
37 Mrs Hughes Mrs Halfast
38 Roberto Garcia Fucking Beep Beep
39 Lou Raffis Breaks Wind
40 Age Leijenaar Roundabout
41 Luciano  Piccolo Spicy MeatBalls
42 Charma McKnight Squeeze
43 Michael Younger The Vicar
44  Hanne Hansen Flying Chicken
45 Anthinula  Tori Skin Flick
46 Helena Ahola HotterArse
47 Gretchen Bloom Weather Goddess
48 Peter Bloom Cums-in-quarts
49 Angus Williamson Cums 1st
50 Katja Konkola Rich Bitch
51 Joe Almeira Tiger Woody
52 Cynthia Whiteacre Icebox
53 Dario Strazzeri Menage de Twat
54 Richard Wilson Sadist
55 John Vellis OSC
56 Shirley Rossetti Cellular Sex
57 Cheryl Te Ironbum
58 Trine Arvidsen LaTrine
59 Dana Quinn No Grappa
60 Greg Huot Rocket Sock
61 Bill Sorrenson Marco Polo
62 Lynley Sorrenson Cindarella
63 K C Lai Kapten Condom
64 Patrick Barr Mad Cow
65 Lisa Huot No Name
66 Sue Green Cheap Tart
67 Barry Pope GBH
68 Elaine Pope Circuit Breaker
69 Dasenka Oric Tush Toucher
70 Raymond Besselink Camembeer
71 H. Anthony Troche Well Hung
72 Ante Vrkljan Too F*cking Short
73 Mrs. Vrkljan No Name
74 Darko Mijatovic Pussychaser
75 Filip Mijatovic No Name
76 Nikola Pavlinek LBM
77 Mrs Pavlinek No Name
78 Dorothy Sarro No Name
79 Marie O'Neil No Name
80 Hiten Malde Hitman
81 Bill Neelin Sheila
82 Wendy Neelin No Name
83 Alec Forrester Shitriver
84 Pauline Jenkins No Name
85 Ann Yerke Cricket
86 Graham Perrins Hash Brown
87 Leigh Southan The Bag
88 Vic Southan Sinex
89 John Heitz NHT
90 Hi-Kyung Heitz No Name
91 Michael Heitz No Name
92 Rien Lunshof No Name
93 Jenny Lunshof No Name
94 Bob Frye Vertical Rise
95 Tatjana Azatjana No Name

Heineken kindly sponsored Hash Cruise 2002


On-On to Hash Cruise 2003 !!!