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Hash Cruise Newsletter #4
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The Final Countdown!


Hello Hash Cruisers!

We are now on the final countdown, so this will be the last Newsletter from your small team of organisers.

First the good news, we have had superb support from Zagreb hashers Condom Burster & Chief Ironhat that has resulted in a bulging Goody Bag. True blue hashers!!

We have 86 Hashers booked, so a full house! I will try and provide a breakdown of the statistics at some point, perhaps on the web

Antibiotics has managed to get a deal on parking in Zagreb. There is a small parking garage with 24h guarding. For a day of parking they are charging 99KN, but he has made a deal for some 400KN for the whole week, and they can take some 5 or 6 cars over a one-week period. These have to be reserved in advance because of the high season in Zagreb.

Antibiotics has also provided info for our Italian hashers. Trieste is some 230km from Zagreb. Half of that distance is motorway, and the rest is mostly good and fast road, so that is not a bad possibility. There is no motorway along the coast, so do not even consider this idea! Another possibility is going by train (or car) to Ancona and from there to get the overnight ship to Split. There are a number of companies but the best are Sam Maritime Co.(contact in Ancona is Maritime Agency Srl, tel. 071 204915-6-7, e-mail: and Jadrolinija (contact in Ancona is: Capt. P. Amatori, Port Station Office, tel: + 39 071 2071465, e-mail: If you travel by car to Split, guarded parking facilities are available as well (contact Adriatic Travel).

Our efforts (and your money) have so far raised 500 Euros for the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Split. That equates to 20,000 needles and 330 syringes I am told, and they are very pleased with this! There should be a presentation in front of the media prior to our departure.

Now onto the possibly good news, we may have managed to organise a vineyard trip on Hvar and a sabre-dance display on Korcula fingers crossed

We are already seriously planning for 2003 and are aiming for a 3 Country Cruise, which will be different but just as good we hope! This would be for 4 boats only.

Other news:

For Zagreb joiners, we are still aiming to meet as planned at the Pivnica Tomislav. Tomislav is at the Trg Kralja Tomislava 18 (look for the sign Oujsko Pivo). Opposite the main entrance of the station is a park (Trg Kralja Tomislava). The bar is located in the first block on the left-hand side. Those who arrive late, for whatever reason, should head directly to the front of the train station and we will try to meet you there from 22:30.

The hotel in Split is the Hotel Jadran Koteks, Sustjepanski put 23 (Tel: 021-398 622) and Blimey & I stayed there last weekend. It is basic but OK for your hashing needs. It is a way from the registration area, perhaps a 10 minute walk along the seaside, but taxis are also possible. 

The registration in Split will be done only on the Saturday, starting from 07:00, and located by the MS Moja Maja which will be moored opposite the Train Station and directly to the left (a few hundred meters) when youre disembarking the international ferries. As he told me himself, you should look out for an idiot, but if I tell you that his name is Blimey (and he is Dutch) does that help?

What should you be bringing along? No need to bring sleeping gear (like sleeping bag or sheets) as a mattress and sheets are provided. The only item not provided that you may not think of bringing is a towel.

The MS Captain Jure and MS Moja Maja both have CD players on board already, but the MS Gusar does not. So somebody from the Italian-based hashes should consider bringing one if you want more varied music.

Each boat has normal ladders to allow bathers in the sea to get back on board the boat.

Do not forget that whilst beer/ wine/ softies are free on board, spirits (like gin/ rum/ etc.) are not. So you will have to pay for the hard stuff!

The hash trail markings are as follows:

  • One mark and you are On
  • A circle is a check
  • A X is a Check-back

On 29th of June there are four (4) trains from Split to Zagreb leaving Split at:

14:50, 18:55, 19:50 and 21:10 hours, but we are blocked booked on the 21:10 train. If you want to skip out on the days sightseeing in Split, and depart earlier for Zagreb, then go ahead and pay for an earlier seat! Do not forget that this will mean paying for an additional night at a hotel in Zagreb!!

Sensible buys are wine (very good quality where we are going and cheap), lavender (in bags smells great) and honey.

Reminder (again) do not use  for your replies (I say it on every mail from that e-mail address but many of you keep using it)!!! As of 21JUN I will no longer be working there so DO NOT USE IT!!!! Use the official address: and I can then help you for this cruise and 2003!


Your mobile phone can be set for roaming within Croatia, and the two national carriers have good coverage. VIP Mobile is our sponsor.

For Zagreb joiners, please contact Antibiotics on +385 99 547500, and for Split joiners it is Blimey on +385 91 4448882 (who will be down there from Friday). He may get in touch with you for a drink that night or you call him.

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